Tamil Nadu contractors looting Odisha's resources: smriti irani sensational allegation!

Union minister smriti irani has accused tamil Nadu-based contractors of looting Odisha's resources.

Union women and Child Development minister smriti irani has alleged that people in tamil Nadu are working non-stop to loot Odisha's resources and odisha government is being controlled by contractors from tamil Nadu. smriti irani has accused VK Pandian, a former IAS officer from tamil Nadu and former private secretary to chief minister Naveen Patnaik, of dominating the affairs of the government and Biju Janata Dal.

Parliamentary lok sabha elections are held in 7 phases. With 6 phases of polling completed so far, elections will be held for 57 constituencies in 8 states on 1st June. In that way, smriti irani, who participated in the election campaign meetings held in the lok sabha constituencies of Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara and Balasore in the state of odisha, where the elections will be held in the last phase on june 1, said that the odisha state government, which is controlled remotely from tamil Nadu, did nothing for the state during floods and natural disasters, even when cyclones hit. He accused him of not doing it.

“Odisha government is controlled by contractors from tamil Nadu. Contractors from tamil Nadu looted money sent by narendra modi government. . Funds sent for drinking water supply under the Jal jeevan Mission are being looted by contractors from tamil Nadu.” smriti irani alleged.

Smriti Irani spoke about the controversy surrounding the disappearance of the keys of the treasury of the Sri jagannath temple in puri and assured that the culprits would be punished when the bjp forms the government in the state. smriti irani also accused odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik of being imprisoned by a mob of officials and unable to speak freely.

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