Provide 100 units of free uninterrupted power to house owners and tenants - EPS

ADMK Edappadi Palaniswami has criticized the tamil Nadu electricity Board and the Energy Department, whenever they come to power, it has become a routine for them to become a flower garland found in the hand of a monkey and get stuck and degraded.

While information is being released regarding cancellation of 100 units of electricity, in a statement released by AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi Palaniswami, 100 units of free electricity was provided to all household users during AIADMK rule. Thus, if a house had two connections, the house owner and the tenants of the house would get 100 units of free electricity. Currently, the electricity Board of this DMK government is only allowing one electricity connection in the name of the house owner. According to reports, research work is currently underway.

If a house has two electricity connections, when the electricity board staff comes to survey, if the house owner lives in one area and the tenant lives in another area, the existing 100 units of free electricity will continue to be provided to both the electricity connections. But, if the tenant vacates the house immediately one of the two electricity connections in the name of the house owner will be disconnected and only one electricity connection will be provided. If someone else comes to rent the house again, the owner should mention that the tenant has returned and apply for a new electricity connection again. That is, according to the electricity Board Act, the tenant will vacate the house after paying the electricity charges like deposit, advance payment etc. and before the new electricity connection comes.

Therefore, there is a possibility that the house owners will provide electricity to the tenants on the same electricity connection they have and charge higher electricity charges for the electricity used by the tenants. Those who rent houses are mostly poor, poor and middle class people. Hence, they end up paying extra for electricity. A few days ago, when the public protested against the electricity department's order that electricity consumers should register their Aadhaar numbers with the electricity connection, the vidya DMK government and ministers promised electricity consumers in the press and media.

Power outage

In case of more than one connection in the name of the owners so that the tenants are not affected, I insist that they should continue to provide 100 units of free electricity if there are tenants, and if the tenants vacate the house, the electricity connection should not be disconnected to enable the tenants to get free electricity and low electricity charges. Similarly, if commercial establishments have more than one power connection, the vidya DMK government has decided to leave only one power connection and disconnect the other connections, according to reports.

Under the rule of All india Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, if the poor, poor and middle class people do not pay the electricity bill within a period of 20 days, the electricity department employees like helper, lineman and foreman will personally go to those who do not pay the electricity bill and if they do not pay the electricity bill immediately, your electricity connection will be disconnected. They will make you pay the electricity bill by saying that. 60 rupees will be charged as Disconnect Charges and Reconnect Charges if the electricity connection is disconnected. Currently, in this vidya DMK regime, due to lack of manpower in the electricity sector, no one warns people who are unable to pay electricity bills in person that they will be the last to pay electricity bills, and the Disconnect Charges and Reconnect Charges have been increased many times.

Artificial power shortage

DMK Whenever it comes to power, the tamil Nadu electricity Board and the Energy Department turn into a monkey's flower garland and it has become a routine to get stuck and deteriorate. It is the basic policy of the government of the hawkers to create artificial power shortages for the purpose of looting all kinds of power purchase from private, purchase of power converters and power equipment, purchase of coal.

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