It is known that YSRCP candidates are better in election campaigns compared to alliances. Because they rushed too fast in the election campaign. The ycp government went to every house and met with the people and solved their problems, being among the people for five years with programs related to Jagananna Suraksha and various welfare schemes has made the ycp candidates closer to the people in the campaign. 

When they went to the respective villages and wards, ycp candidates campaigned by calling the locals by their names with respect, saying that their problems had been solved, explaining the progress of five years, and specifying the works to be undertaken. On this occasion, the YSRCP candidates got an unprecedented response from the locals. Many people say that if the ycp manifesto is under the actual conditions, the tdp manifesto is impractical. They did not believe Chandrababu Naidu's promises in the background of past experiences.

People remembered the way the candidates stood by jagan Mohan Reddy's government during the days when the corona epidemic was raging. Questions are coming from the people that the candidates of the alliance and the leaders of the three parties have just become. tdp and Jana Sena held a flag meeting in Tadepalligudem for the first time. And more than half of the hall was empty. After that, narasapuram and Palakollu.

In constituencies like tanuku, Tadepalligudem, and Undi, the campaign meetings organized by Chandrababu and pawan kalyan were sold out. It was seen that the people were turning back while they were speaking. The crowd of people gathered for the election campaign of cm jagan mohan reddy in the district filled the ranks of YSRCP with full enthusiasm. On the way to Bhimavaram, Tadepalligudem, and tanuku constituencies, people lined up and cheered for the leader.

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