Deputy cm Ajit Pawar's first reaction on porsche accident...

Maharashtra deputy chief minister ajit pawar said on friday (May 24) that strict action should be taken in the case of car accident in Pune. Two people had died in this incident. In Pune's kalyani Nagar early on Sunday, a minor driver allegedly driving a porsche car crushed two software engineers traveling on a motorcycle, killing both of them. police claimed that the teenager was driving the car in an intoxicated state.

Accused got bail from JJB

After the car accident, the teenager was produced before the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB), which granted him bail by asking him to write an essay of 300 words. The police had approached the Juvenile Justice Board and requested it to reconsider its order. A few hours after the accident, there was a lot of criticism about the accused porsche car driver getting bail, after which the board has sent the teenager to the monitoring center till june 5.

Pawar refused political interference

Speaking to the media here, deputy cm ajit pawar said, "The investigation should be conducted without the interference of any political person. Whatever happened was serious and such incidents should be curbed." ajit pawar said that strict action should be taken against those responsible in the entire matter. He said that he is taking regular information about the case from pune Police.

Action on illegal pubs and bars

The nationalist congress party (NCP) chief said that there has been no political interference in the matter and the matter is being investigated in a transparent manner. ajit pawar also said that strict action has been initiated against illegal pubs and bars in the city.

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