INDIA Bloc Wants to Turn Country's Majority Community…

prime minister Narendra Modi on sunday said india bloc parties want to turn the country’s majority community into second-class citizens and also alleged that ”jihadis” across the border are supporting the Samajwadi party and the Congress. He attacked the parties of the opposition bloc, alleging they are planning to rewrite the Constitution to provide reservation on the basis of religion. The prime minister was in Uttar Pradesh’s Purvanchal region to address rallies in Ghosi, Deoria and Mirzapur in support of bjp and nda Lok Sabha poll candidates contesting in the seventh and last phase of the general elections on june 1.

“In Pakistan, ’duas’ (prayers) are being made for the INDI alliance of Samajwadi party (SP) and Congress. Jihadis across the border are supporting them. The SP and the congress are making an appeal for ’vote jihad’,” Modi said in an apparent reference to a remark by an india bloc candidate. ”This (INDIA bloc) group is saying that if they come to power, they will reimpose article 370 in Kashmir. They will repeal the caa (Citizenship (Amendment) Act) which gives citizenship to the victims of Partition. Whose agenda is this… this is what these anti-India forces want?” he said. Hitting out at the bloc, prime minister Modi claimed the “INDI jamaat” has been abusing him for his opposition to reservation on the basis of religion.

The prime minister listed three ”big conspiracies” of the opposition bloc and said, “First, the people of INDI alliance will change the Constitution and write in it afresh that reservation should be given on the basis of religion in India. Second, these INDI people will end the reservation given to SC, ST, OBC. Third, they will give the entire reservation to Muslims on the basis of religion,” Modi said. He said, ”A third method has been created to circumvent the OBC reservation. They are declaring Muslim castes as OBC overnight. Recently, the calcutta High court has rejected OBC reservation for 77 Muslim castes.” Modi went on to add, ”Today, the SP, congress and the INDI people want to make the majority community in india second-class citizens.” He also branded the bloc as communal and casteist, and targetted the SP, saying people associated with it have a ”’chhatees ka ankara’ (animosity) with law and order”.

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