How many times have israel been accused of?

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was cremated in Mashhad on Wednesday, May 23, along with a few other leaders. Thousands of people traveled to Tehran, the nation's capital, from all throughout the country to say goodbye to Raisi. "Death to Israel" was chanted by this group of Iranians during the burial march.  The years-long shadow war between iran and israel has once again come to light because to these slogansActually, a lot of doubts have been raised by the passing of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi. The disaster transpired during a period of heightened tension between iran and Israel. 

Under these circumstances, israel is being held accountable for the helicopter accident. The Israeli official has clarified, meanwhile, that Israel is not connected to the passing of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi.  In the past few years, Israel is thought to have conducted a number of killings, drone strikes, and espionage operations on Iranian soil. But Iran is also seen by israel as its greatest threat.  

The hatred dates back many years.

Iran and israel have harbored animosity for several decades. The two most ardent adversaries of the Middle east are iran and Israel. These two nations have a long history of launching clandestine cyber, aerial, and maritime strikes. But neither of them ever acknowledged publicly that they were to blame for these assaults. This is the first time that the two have publicly faced each other. 

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