CS should be changed before counting…

TDP once again attacked andhra pradesh Chief Secretary jawahar Reddy. tdp leader GV Anjaneyu alleged that while jawahar reddy was CS, the counting would not be done properly. He questioned why the election commission is looking at jawahar reddy in a special way. They want to tell why the person who is in controversy is being continued as CS. GV Anjaneyu stated that CS should be removed at the time of pension deaths. He expressed his displeasure as to why they are ignoring the CS who has reached a situation where whatever is done is valid.

GV Anjaneyu has criticized that CS is trying to get government benefits as he is going to retire in a few months. He alleged that CS jawahar reddy had committed many violations even though the election Code was in force and CS was taking many controversial decisions in a manner ready to do anything for the Chief Minister. He appealed to the ec to take immediate action on the allegations of land scam against CS. Jeeves Anjaneyu expressed concern that it is very dangerous to have the authority in the hands of such a person on the day of counting. He warned that there is a threat of horn cutting to the ruling party on the day of counting to protect against the accusations that are coming now.

On the other hand, another leader bonda umamaheswara rao alleged that even though the first date was coming, not a single announcement was made about pensions for the elderly. CS, Serf, who has not yet made a single announcement on the distribution of pensions, lashed out at CE. jagan criticized that the pension money is being diverted to the Tabedals to benefit the ycp in the elections . The old people are dying in the sun for the pension. The CS lashed out at Bhogapuram for not paying attention to the land grabbing... but the distribution of pensions to the poor. bonda uma warned that the CS should immediately issue orders to the officials to give pension to the pensioners on june 1.       

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