Property panchayat in hyderabad not settled yet…

It has been almost 10 years since andhra pradesh and telangana Bifurcation. According to the ap Re-Organization Act, hyderabad has been decided as the Joint capital for 10 years. To this extent, the then President pranab mukherjee issued a gazette notification that hyderabad will be the joint capital from june 2, 2014 to june 1, 2024. This deadline will end on june 2nd. After that hyderabad will be the capital of telangana only. In this order, all ap offices in hyderabad are being shifted to that state. In 2016 itself, 90 percent of the offices were shifted from telangana to AP. Recently the headquarters of ap electricity Regulatory Commission has been shifted from hyderabad to Kurnool. Ten years after the partition of the states, the distribution of assets has not been completed. The promises given to both the states at the time of partition were not fully implemented.

AP government does not care?
It is being argued that the ap government has not paid attention to the promises of partition and distribution of assets. The common capital aspect will end on june 2. There is an argument that the ap government and political parties, who are likely to continue this, have not paid attention. ycp has good relations with elders at the centre. Majority of the experts feel that since tdp is also in alliance at present, they should talk to the Center and try to extend hyderabad as joint capital for another five years. But the ap authorities and all parties have not responded to this till now. Analysts feel that the ap government seems to have thrown up its hands on the issue of joint capital.

Unresolved Issues many
Iissues of partition between the two states have not been resolved completely. Details of rtc assets are not known. The telangana government changed it in its favor as the partition act did not say that rtc assets should be settled within 10 years. Also, Rs 5 thousand crore electricity dues are due from telangana to AP. Criticisms are pouring in that ap has not been able to get these too. On the other hand, the distribution of employees was also incomplete.

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