American road accident - telangana young woman dies…

The incidents of telugu students going abroad for higher studies losing their lives in several accidents are worrying. Recently, a telangana girl who went to America for higher education lost her life in a road accident there. The deceased has been identified as Guntipalli Soumya from Telangana. Her native place is Yadagiripalle in the suburb of Yadagirigutta. The road accident took place on sunday midnight according to indian time. According to villagers and family members, Soumya was walking on the road in New York when she was hit by a speeding car. She died on the spot. Her parents said that Soumya is also doing a part-time job along with her studies. They are crying because their child, who wanted to grow up to a higher level, was lost in a road accident. They are trying to bring the dead body of the young woman to her native village.

A recent ap student

Also, Belem Achyut, a telugu student from ap, recently lost his life in a road accident in New York City. Achyut is studying at the State university of New York in the city. On the evening of 22nd of this month (Wednesday), while riding his bike, he collided with another vehicle and died on the spot. This has been confirmed by the indian Embassy in America. It is sad that Achuth, a student of New York State university, died in a bike accident on wednesday afternoon. We are deeply saddened to learn of his untimely death. Our deepest condolences to the family members of the deceased. We are in touch with the victim's family and local agencies. We will provide full assistance to the victim's family to send the dead body to india soon.'

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