The influence of movies on Sitara is good…

Patti Sitara of tollywood Superstar mahesh babu recently had a chit chat with influencers. sithara participated in this interview on the occasion of joining hands with mahesh babu Foundation..Telugu DMF. This foundation supports the wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital creators of the state. Sitara Chit Chat With Influencers by providing health cards to the influencers. In this interview, Sitara said many interesting things.

Her following range is different

Even if Sitara does not enter the movies, she has a following almost in the heroine range. Especially Mahesh Babu's fans fondly call her Sitara Papa. Sitara also has a good following on social media. Her dance videos and vacation videos get millions of views. But in this interview, Sitara said things like what she is studying and what will happen in the future.

Will I become an actor like my father?

Sitara revealed that she wants to act like her father in the future. Mahesh Babu's fans are happy that they will see their favorite heroine's daughter as a heroine in a few years. Sitara said that now the age is very young.. Even if she thinks about any other profession in the middle.. She will definitely do it as an actor. Sitara said in an interview that she is going from 6th standard to 7th standard.

Recognition at an early age..

Sitara has already created a unique brand for herself. Brand ambassador for PMJ Jewels. With this ad, Sitara got international recognition by doing this ad at a very young age. At that time there were reports that her mother Namrata's influence was behind this ad. There were speculations that she was promoting her daughter from an early age. But manjula came as a heroine from Mahesh's family.. due to some reasons she could not excel as an actress. But it seems that there is no obstacle for Sitara to become a heroine now.

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