After the general election polling in Andhra Pradesh, cm Jaganmohan reddy went on a trip to europe with his family. Finally, after the elections in the state were over, IPAC went abroad and spoke to him. He informed that this time they will come more than the 151 seats won in the past. With this, among the ycp leaders, even the cadres are being very brave. At the same time, Advocate General Ponnavolu sudhakar Reddy, who is known as Jagan's trusted pawn, met ycp nri leaders in London.

However, his comments after the meeting there seem to have caused a stir. AG Ponnavolu's words addressed to ycp nri leaders also became a mountain of tears. In the end, the leaders there also told him. He informed that the cooperation done by nri is excellent and should be continued further in the coming days. He also informed that jagan is in great danger and everyone is doubting jagan and insulting him.

He also said that everyone should stand united and support jagan at this time. In the past, there were also reports that Rajasekhar Reddy's name was included in the charge sheet in Jagan's illegal assets cases. He said that congress PCC chief sharmila had spoken about this as part of the election. Ponnavolu also countered this matter. Currently Ponnavolu's comments are worrying ycp leaders and fans as well. Ponnavolu also spoke crucially saying that in the current situation, one does not know who to trust. He also said that he should be protected for the sake of the poor.. Even though he knew that he was in danger, jagan did not listen and believed that something would happen.

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