General elections in andhra pradesh are over. But now the main party leaders on social media are very confident that their party will win. But which party will win and form the government and which party will be in the opposition status will be known in another week. Some surveys on social media are in favor of ycp while others are in favor of TDP. 

All the people of ap are waiting with great excitement. If it is said that pawan kalyan will win with a huge majority as part of the coalition, some other surveys say that ycp will form the government with huge seats. Currently, Jabardast comedian Kirak RPA's sensational comments on ap cm jagan Mohan reddy are causing a stir.

He said that it is certain that the alliance will get 140-160 seats in the results of the elections on june 4. jagan will go to jail when he returns from London. Now these comments made by him have become viral on social media. It is also known that recently he imitated jagan and angered the ycp leaders.

He said that if jagan wins this time, he will put conditions that there will be no photos of Venkateshwa Raswami, Allah, and Jesus in the house, only Jagan's photo. Kirak RP's comments have become a sensation. The ycp leaders, fans, and activists who have reacted to this want to imagine what will be your situation if the alliance does not get all the seats as you said. Also, if there is any difference, what will happen to his fish soup in AP?

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