After the partition, the financial conditions of the state deteriorated very badly. The then tdp government as a partner at the center could not achieve any of the promises of partition. The ycp government that came to power in 2019 increased the property and house taxes immensely in the name of urban reforms. 

Moreover, meters have been fixed for water used for domestic purposes. Repomapo has also installed meters on pump sets to usher in free electricity for agriculture. Apart from AIIMS, no other projects could be achieved from the center. vijayawada was to be made a metro city. Many leaders announced during the partition.  

Visakhapatnam and vijayawada Metro are not in operation in the state. Funds were not given for the actual construction of the capital. The Visakha-Kakinada Petro Corridor has also been completely forgotten. Also, Ramayapatnam's major port was reduced and converted into a minor port in the private sector. Jindal Steel was brought instead of the kadapa Steel Industry.

Finally, the visakha railway zone was not spared either. In this way, the Center did not provide any kind of assistance and imposed a large burden on the people. Andhra State was completely in its hands. And for the people of Uttarandhra, the vamsadhara project is very important for irrigation and drinking water. However, Governments till now have not paid heed to the complications being put by the state of Odisha. Due to this, the farmers of srikakulam and vijayanagaram districts are suffering in many ways.

Having said this, the india Herald survey revealed that there are many problems in the state. The center is swallowing the tax revenue of Andhra state in the name of GST. A special status has also been attached. Two-and-a-half times excise duty on petrol and diesel and cesses are being levied. Cooking gas prices have been increasing. Finally, GST is imposed on essentials as well. Also, in the name of electricity reforms, people's herbs are inhaled. Andhra state will be shaken by problems like this. We don't know if the leaders who will win this time will care about Andhra state or not. That god should come down to save the state.

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