On the occasion of the 101st birth anniversary of late former chief minister Sr. ntr who was the founder of film star tdp, many fans along with tdp leaders and grandsons like ntr and Kalyan ram also went to ntr Ghat to pay their respects. offered At the same time, she spoke in front of the media and revealed many things.

Especially talking about the future cm of andhra pradesh, lakshmi Parvati expressed hope that jagan will be the cm of andhra pradesh once again because there will be a good administration. lakshmi Parvati also informed that a person like YS Jaganmohan reddy will have NTR's blessings as jagan will take oath as the cm after june 4 and good administration will come again in AP. There are also instances where lakshmi Parvati has been consorting with chandrababu naidu for the past few years.

She also informed that Chandrababu is a very cheater and has cheated many people and also stole the party from him who also cheated senior NTR. lakshmi Parvati has also informed us many times that if they come to a party like junior ntr, they will try to trample them as well. She has also informed on many occasions that Chandrababu will stoop to any level just to see his son as cm for his profit. But now lakshmi Parvati is once again filling the fans of ycp leaders by saying that Jaganmohan reddy will be the cm of Andhra Pradesh.

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