Praful patel gave such statement regarding voting?

Is Ajit Pawar's group facing loss in the lok sabha elections? Has he not got traditional votes? Such things are being said after the statement of Praful Patel. ncp meeting under the leadership of deputy cm Ajit Pawar was held at Garware Club in Mumbai. In this meeting, praful patel said that the party is suffering losses due to ncp not getting traditional votes. According to reports in Mumbai, sources said that praful patel said in the meeting, "The results of the lok sabha elections are going to come soon." This election has raised questions about the Constitution among our workers as well as the general public. There is a lot of confusion in maharashtra regarding the Constitution. Since 400 is our slogan, we have to control this issue and publicity to cross 400. "NCP has suffered huge losses because we are not getting our traditional votes."

Neither my party nor the other party got votes – Prafulla

Prafulla patel said, "We should not forget that in this election we neither got the votes of our own party nor the votes of the other party. We are confident that narendra Modi's nda government will be formed once again in the country and nationalist congress party is a part of NDA. Chhagan Bhujbal was going to contest this election. Central leaders had insisted that Chhagan Bhujbal should contest the elections, unfortunately, cm Eknath Shinde insisted, so we had to leave that seat for Sena. We all have joint responsibility. We want to strengthen our party. We are in the Grand Alliance, so it is our job to strengthen that Grand Alliance also.

Will get more seats in assembly elections- Prafull

Prafull patel said, "Caution should be taken so that a situation like lok sabha does not arise in the assembly elections." We will definitely try to ensure that ncp gets more seats. What Chhagan Bhujbal said is correct. Armed forces will also be with us in the decision making process. patel said, "This time there will be no distribution of seats on the basis of seating-waiting. It is certain that we will get more seats. Our strength is more. We will take seats accordingly. But elections and the ability to win are also important.

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