Any political pressure in pune porsche accident case? 

Maharashtra Deputy cm ajit pawar has denied the allegations of political pressure in the porsche accident in Pune. ajit pawar said in the press conference on monday that there is no political pressure in this matter. cm Eknath Shinde and Deputy cm devendra fadnavis themselves have also told about this. Whatever the mla there ravindra Dhangekar is saying, the evidence has been put forward. On that basis, we are demanding a fair investigation and the same will happen.

Before ajit pawar, Deputy cm devendra fadnavis had also spoken to the media and assured a fair investigation in the matter. He gave information about the action taken so far by the police. He had cautioned the parents that they should think before handing over the car to minor children because if the child is a minor and commits any crime then action is taken against the parents also. He appealed to the parents not to allow freedom to become arbitrary.

Questions were being raised on the minor getting bail

In the pune accident, a minor had crushed two engineers with his porsche car, who died on the spot. Within 15 hours the minor was granted bail. After which the opposition had alleged that the accused got bail due to political pressure. In this case, ncp mla Sunil Tingre, an mla close to ajit pawar, was accused of being present in the police station on the night of May 19 and putting pressure on the police.

NCP mla had given this clarification

Sunil Tingre came clean in the matter. He had said that being a public representative, I had gone to the police station after the accident and had instructed the police to take strict action, I had not put any pressure on the police.

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