We know that polling for assembly and parliament elections was recently held in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Polling for 175 assembly seats and parliament seats in ap was very successful. In this, 82 percent of polling has been recorded. And now everyone is discussing who will win in AP. But no matter who wins, everyone cares about Lord venkanna of Tirumala.

 His most important temple in andhra pradesh state is tirumala Srivari Sannidhi. Every day lakhs of devotees come to this tirumala Sannidhi. Also, the income of tirumala Srivari is recorded from four crores to five crores in a single day. people come from all over the country to visit Lord Tirumala. And it is said that Telugudesam and ycp government did not care about such tirumala Srivari.

During the five-year rule of telugu Desam until recently, there are criticisms that the telugu desam party did not pay attention to tirumala Srivari even in the united state of Andhra Pradesh. But then the party came to power saying that it will be changed. Even when the ycp party came to power, no change was seen in the presence of tirumala Srivari. Apart from the lack of change... during the last five years of ycp rule... the devotees of tirumala Srivari faced a lot of difficulties.   ycp has been accused of giving jobs to Christians in the presence of tirumala Srivari. Moreover, YSP has made huge changes in the size of laddu and kept the criticism under wraps.

Moreover, it is said that the ycp has behaved extremely badly in the case of the priests present in the presence of Tirumala. There are already allegations that the ycp government is unable to meet even the minimum needs of the devotees.   Devotees are constantly fired up for serving free meals... Having said that, tirumala has many problems. The fear of sharp roads and cheetahs is evident among the devotees. Devotees are demanding that all these issues should be resolved immediately by whichever government of telugu Desam or ycp comes to power. They want to solve the problems of tirumala including Textiles City.

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