After the completion of the andhra pradesh Assembly and parliament elections, one topic per day is going viral on social media. Some people are saying that the alliance will come to power... and some people are saying that the ycp government will be formed once again. But if the alliance comes to power, it is said that power star Pawan Kalyan, the leader of Janasena, will get two ministerial posts.

It is said that one is the home minister and the other is the Deputy Chief Minister. They are demanding that nara lokesh should be given the post of Chief Minister. If that is the case, Janasainikul says that pawan kalyan should be given the post of chief minister of AP. Recently, some people have saying that the bjp government will be formed in AP... pawan kalyan will be the Chief Minister. It is being said that the bjp will play a key role in ap because the ycp and tdp parties are getting fewer seats. Governments are being formed before the results of the elections... and ministerial posts are also being shared.

If we talk about the fact, there is no situation in AP. Even if there is a tight position there is a chance for jagan to come to power. Otherwise, even Chandrababu will try to become the Chief Minister. But a new bjp government will not be formed in andhra pradesh state.

Some people are spreading misinformation that the bjp government will be formed without any of these. pawan kalyan is also being given the post of Chief Minister. Political analysts say that some bjp leaders are campaigning to pass the time. Analysts say that only ycp or telugu Desam parties are strong in ap and unless these two parties change power they will not give opportunities to national parties. It is suggested to wait for another week to get clarity on these results.

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