After the andhra pradesh election voting process is over, the results are going to come out on the fourth of next month. However, if the tdp party does not come to power this time, it will become questionable. That is why chandrababu naidu has taken this election very ambitiously. Especially Chandrababu fought with all his might to defeat ycp chief Jaganmohan Reddy. Jana Sena did not miss even a small opportunity and took careful steps by allying with the bjp and distributing seats.

Especially, it seems that Chandrababu got the cooperation of the election commission and other systems as desired. Only the counting process remains now. Now the only thing left is how the people responded to Chandrababu. When it comes to why the tdp party wants power. It seems that tdp is waiting for power to fulfill its only goal. That is, they aim to hunt down the opponents.

Nara lokesh was walking around holding the red Book in his hand. Also, tdp leaders from the village level to Chandrababu are burning with revenge. As part of the alliance, the state will be destroyed, but if they want to focus on the implementation of this manifesto, even though they have said in their manifesto that they will come to power for the good of the people, it can be said that it is ignorance.

Their aim is only to damage the opponents. Many people already believe that Chandrababu will remove the schemes especially. Chandrababu Naidu's actions in the past are also heard of what he did not do. That's why Chandrababu said that it is possible to win this time, but he also gave assurances. It seems that TDP's thoughts are all about targeting the opponents.

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