Tell people about bjp leaders and policy if you have courage - R.B. Udayakumar

RB Udayakumar has severely criticized annamalai saying that it is because you have decided that the people do not have faith in you, that today you are calling for help to make yourself known as a fraud team by praising jayalalitha today.

RB Udayakumar has criticized that the bjp should increase their influence with the people by saying the name and policy of their leaders

BJP in political vandalism

More than 2,000 youth from T. Kallupatti Peraiyoor area of Thirumangalam constituency of madurai district joined AIADMK in the presence of former minister RP Udayakumar. Following this, RB Udayakumar, who met with the media, said that while bjp leader annamalai had said that jayalalithaa had supported the Hindutva policy, former governor Tamilisai Soundararajan had also insisted on the same opinion. He replied,

We have no objection to talking about policy about the bjp leader. Jayalalitha's policy of social justice, women's rights policy, students who were the star of hope of the student community, are covered up and covered up by what they are saying with political vandalism.

Modi will come to tamil Nadu before the end of the election! stalin will go to delhi on the same day.. What is the reason? Propaganda politics

There is no need for the people of tamil Nadu to know our policy principles just by explaining them (BJP). They have the intention of taking jayalalithaa who dedicated her life for the nation as their partner to identify them and find an address for them. There is political intrigue. Hindutva is a separate debate and they call for a debate. 

Mention the glory of bjp leaders

If you (BJP) have courage, if you have courage, you should praise your leaders, tell your principles, tell your ambitions and try to win the trust of the people of tamil Nadu. But only after knowing that people will not support you at any time, you have come to know that your policies, theories and ideologies will not be accepted in tamil Nadu. RB Udayakumar severely criticized that because you have decided that you do not have faith in the people, you are inviting jayalalithaa who raised AIADMK to make a mark for you by praising jayalalithaa today.

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