After the elections in 2019, three capital topics have emerged. So far it is really surprising that andhra pradesh does not have a capital. But this time if ycp comes to power it is known that they will take over the administration from vizag and there are also reports that amaravati will become the capital if the alliance comes to power.  It is known that amaravati and Visakhapatnam have been fighting for a long time. But it is said that if ycp comes to power, Visakhapatnam will become the capital.

Now, judging by what all the surveys are saying, it seems that the YSP party is going to come back to power. It is in this background that if Jaganmohan reddy is elected as the CM, he will start his administration from Visakhapatnam. So, Why Visakhapatnam was chosen as the capital?  It is 40 km away from guntur and Vijayawada. Moreover, amaravati is full of wastelands. Water supply, drainage, electricity, etc. cannot be built at once. On the other hand, even if you want to make amaravati the capital the financial burden will be high.

Jaganmohan reddy said that declaring vizag as the capital will not cost much. Especially vizag is the largest city in Andhra Pradesh. Jaganmohan reddy said that if the already developed place is further developed and declared as the capital, it will be useful for future generations. He clarified that now vizag is being declared as the capital to compete with big cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai.. All facilities including the airport are already in Vizag. So, If vizag is declared as the capital, there is no doubt that andhra pradesh will go towards the path of development.

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