Vijay fans and party members gave food to the needy in various places on the occasion of Hunger Day!

Like last year, Vijay's fans and followers have observed Hunger Day on May 28 on Vijay's orders. Photos and videos of this are going viral.

 World Hunger Day has been celebrated on May 28 every year since 2011. The day is celebrated to reflect the pressing issue of hunger. Considering that no one in the world should go hungry on this day, many people donate food to others as much as they can.

Although this day is not very popular in tamil Nadu, it must be said that slowly awareness about this hunger day has increased. The main reason for that is Thalapathy Vijay. Last year, Vijay said that in all the assembly constituencies in tamil Nadu, fans should provide food to the people in every area, and this time also he has followed it.

In 2011, World Hunger Day was announced by The Hunger Project, an international organization. This Hunger Day is to raise awareness of the fact that more than 800 million people around the world are chronically hungry, suffering from serious health and nutritional problems, which can hamper economic growth.

On this day, in order to create awareness among the people, food donations were distributed in different areas of chennai on behalf of Vijay's T.V.K. It is also said that the fans went to slum areas to look for houses and gave food.Many are of the opinion that Thalapathy Vijay has won the hearts of the people even before jumping into the political arena through such actions. Not only this, Thalapathy is going to give incentives to the students who have won the top 3 positions in each district in tamil Nadu before the 15th of the next religion.

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