Everyone is eagerly waiting for the results of assembly and lok sabha elections in AP. There was nerve-wracking excitement over the results. On the other hand some surveys say that ycp will win. Some other surveys concluded that TDP, bjp and Jana Sena alliance will get power. But even cephalologists agree that it is very difficult to feel the public nerve now. Some people say that there is a situation where it is impossible to say for sure who will win.

But both sides are very slow on the victory. Getting ready to celebrate with the results on june 4. At this moment, the comments made by Malasala Bharat, who contested as ycp mla candidate from Anakapalli, have become a sensation in politics. He recently commented that YCP's victory in 2024 is assured and no one should worry about the results. He gave a message to the ycp ranks to see how everything should be prepared for the 2029 elections. Comments are being heard that what is seen in him is self-confidence or overconfidence. There are interesting things related to this.

Party mla candidate Malasala Bharat recently held a meeting with ycp mandal level leaders of Anakapalli constituency. At that time, 'Assume we won in 2024. Leave this matter. I am wondering how much majority will be achieved in 2029. You should also think the same'. This matter came out after the meeting. Due to this, different opinions are being expressed on Malasala Bharat's comments.

In the meeting, Bharat said without saying that he will be the candidate of ycp in 2029 as well. He said that he will visit every village after the election results on june 4 and thank the people. He gave a message to the party ranks that they should walk with him in the next election as they have cooperated in the current election. In 2024 itself, jagan did not give a chance to political campaigns. He introduced new candidates. As such, Bharat Ekanga being so slow about 2029 has drawn some criticism. It seems that many leaders in their own party are keeping their mouth shut on the comments of the ycp mla candidate. At the field level, comments are being heard that sympathizers, leaders, and common people of the opposition party have been allowed to troll with such comments of leaders in the ruling party.

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