Pune porsche Accident: doctor who gave clean chit...

The process of action is continuing in the pune porsche car accident case. The health of Dr. srihari Harlor, arrested for tampering with the blood sample of a minor accused in the accident and destroying evidence, suddenly deteriorated. Dr. srihari Harlor has been admitted to the hospital by the police after complaining of infection. Dr. srihari Harlor has accused him of changing the blood sample of the minor accused at the behest of his colleague Dr. ajay Taware. Dr. srihari was working at the head post of the emergency department at Harlor Sassoon Hospital.

According to pune police sources, the doctors not only changed the blood report of the minor by taking money but also gave a commitment to the father and grandfather in return of the bribe that they would not face any medical related problems in the future. Therefore, he had given clean chit to the accused in the physical checkup also.

After the FIR was registered on the morning of 19th May, when the minor accused was taken to the hospital for physical checkup, during this checkup the doctors gave a clean chit to the accused that neither he was under the influence of alcohol nor there was any accident on his body. There are marks of some injury, whereas the accused was caught by the people and beaten on the spot itself, which should have been mentioned in his medical report.

Police investigation revealed

In the case, the police said that the blood sample of the minor was taken at Sassoon Hospital on May 19 at 11 am. The doctor threw it in the dustbin. Instead of the minor, a sample of another person was taken and sent to the forensic lab for testing. According to the police, it was Dr. srihari Harlor who had changed the test sample of the minor.

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