Jairam Thakur targets congress, 'If I stay in a hotel...'

Former chief minister of himachal pradesh and bjp leader Jairam Thakur has targeted Congress. He has said that when our party candidates go to a hotel to have tea, a raid is conducted there. If I stay in a hotel in Dalhousie, a raid is conducted there after 4-5 days. A party leader's shop in my constituency has been raided. They (Congress) have stooped so low.

Earlier, Jairam Thakur had made a big claim of BJP's victory in the lok sabha elections. He had said that elections are going on in the country right now. But, the countrymen have decided that this time we should cross 400. There is still a long time for the election results to come. But, there is a competition among the heads of states of the world that narendra modi should come to their country first after the swearing-in. He had said that this is happening for the first time in the country's politics that trust in a leader is increasing with time. There is a wave of pro-incumbency.

'PM Modi has devoted his entire life to the service of the country'

Jairam Thakur further said that in every election, the people of the country are giving more love and support to narendra Modi. PM Modi has devoted his entire life to the service of the country. Today the people of the country think why we did not get such leadership before. Taking the congress leaders to task, he said that chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu says that closing a running institution is also an act of courage. 10 thousand youth were fired from their jobs in one go. Thousands of youth kept fasting in the snow and rain for months in this wide field. They camped for months on this wide field to get their job results released. But, the government banned the protest.

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