Foreign minister S. Jaishankar's claim on indian economy…

Lok Sabha elections are in the seventh and last phase in Himachal Pradesh. Now only the seventh phase of voting is left. In such a situation, election campaign has gained momentum in Himachal Pradesh. After reaching Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, Foreign minister S. jaishankar participated in the intellectual meet. During this, he interacted with senior journalists and students from various universities and colleges.

During this, Foreign minister S. jaishankar said that india is growing from a developing country to a developed country. He said that soon india will become the third economy from the fifth position. He said that after this, India's economy will also reach the second position soon. jaishankar said that india is not used to staying at the second position. In such a situation, soon india will also become the number one economy of the world. jaishankar said that by the year 2047, india will become a 30 trillion dollar economy. By the year 2075, india will be a 52.5 trillion dollar economy.

India has the power to lead

External Affairs minister S. jaishankar said that the environment of the whole world is disturbed these days. On one hand, there is a war between russia and Ukraine. On the other hand, there is a fight between israel and Gaza. india also has a border dispute with china for the last four years. Half the world has not yet recovered from the effects of the pandemic. He said that out of the 193 countries included in the United Nations, leadership is seen only in India. He said that the foundation of a strong country has been laid in 10 years.

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