Due to whose fear did esha deol wear a salwar suit? 

Esha Deol shares a special bond with her parents dharmendra and hema Malini. Esha says that her parents have contributed to the position she is in today. In many interviews, she has been talking about dharmendra and hema malini with love. Recently, during an interview, Esha was asked that once she had said something on self reflection. On this, Esha said that she does not remember much, yes she remembers that she had reached that show in a salwar suit due to fear of Dharmendra.

Why did Esha go to Koffee with karan in a salwar suit?

When esha deol was reminded about the old episode of Koffee with karan, she said that she does not remember much, for this one has to watch the interview. esha deol said, 'I remember this much that that interview was very funny. And the biggest thing I remember is that I went there wearing a salwar suit. karan johar was shocked to see me, his mouth was left open. Then I replied that maybe dad will see me so it is better to come well dressed. That is why I asked fashion designer rocky to design a suit for me. dharmendra is a stereotype dad. esha deol had told during an interview with india Today that she had shared the couch with shahid kapoor in coffee with karan Season 1 in the year 2005. Earlier, esha deol herself had told that her father did not want her to make a career in acting and join Bollywood. Esha had said, 'My dad is a stereotype punjabi person. He adopts a very protective attitude towards the women in his family. Papa is very possessive and old-fashioned about mother.'

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