Maldives was once threatening India...?

According to a report, India's RuPay card is going to be started in maldives soon. Maldives' Economic Development and Trade minister Mohammed Saeed has made an announcement regarding starting the RuPay service.
is said that time does not take long to change, something similar has happened with Maldives. Yes, the same maldives which was threatening india in January, was pressurizing india to withdraw the army personnel engaged in security, Maldives ministers also insulted the country's prime minister Narendra Modi, in this case, Maldives' tourism sector has already suffered a setback. Along with the setback in the tourism sector, maldives also suffered an economic setback. Now it is trying to bring its economy back on track with the help of india again.

Just a few days ago, maldives had requested for trade with indiaafter which it was started after talks with Foreign minister S Jaishankar. Now Maldives is talking about recognizing India's Rupay card. maldiveswhich was struggling to bring the economy back on track, is now trying to take India's help. maldives has been fluttering badly since the dispute started with India.

According to a report, India's Rupay card is going to be started in maldives soon. Maldives' Economic Development and Trade minister Mohammad Saeed has announced the launch of the Rupay service. Along with this, India-China have also agreed to use the local currency in bilateral trade. Till now, the Indian Rupay has been accepted as a legal currency in Zimbabwe.

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