The voting process in andhra pradesh is going to be held on june 4.. This time the alliance and ycp parties contested in the election. Especially after tdp party joined alliance with bjp, the aggression went to a different level.. But whoever tdp party wanted to transfer. With this, the tdp alliance changed the seat in ap at once.. At the same time, bjp was also able to transfer Rajendranath Reddy. Many key posts have also been reshuffled. But jawahar Reddy, who is the chief secretary of a government, was in a situation where he could not do anything.

Even though the tdp alliance made many efforts to bring new people in his place, they did not succeed. Recently, some leaders went to delhi and held talks there but to no avail. Especially if a senior like CS should be kept aside, there should be a sufficient base for that..But tdp and Jana Sena have been criticized very strongly for alleging jawahar Reddy's role in the visakha land scam of TDP. .

That's why tdp is making all-out efforts to get rid of him.. Moreover, tdp leaders are saying that there is something doubtful even at the time of counting. In fact, many leaders say that there is no such thing. They are doing all this just to strengthen their alliance but bjp is showing their own style of attitude in each case even though they have changed everyone as tdp wants. Otherwise, here tdp is highlighting all the things wrong with him. The main reason for this is that his rules and regulations are correct.. So tdp is under tension. That is why she is criticizing him unnecessarily.

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