The election results in ap are going to be out in another week. People's verdict is already stored in EVMs. And what is that verdict is the question that is exciting everyone. That's why there are speculations about what will happen if the result is. There are arguments that if the tdp is defeated again in this election, the party's work will be over. tdp has already lost its influence. If it does not succeed this time too, the fate of the party may be in jeopardy.

One has to admit that Chandrababe is the main reason why tdp has managed so far. Such Chandrababu is getting old. It has already been 75 years. By 2029, he will be 80 years old. On the other hand, if he loses this time too, it will be difficult for nara lokesh to lead the party, which has already lost once. Doubts about his leadership also arise in the party.

There are expectations that janasena will emerge as an alternative at this time. Till now, tdp and ycp have won power three times in AP. Now if ycp wins again, it will be like ycp ruling for ten years and tdp for five years. Due to TDP's failure to impress the people, Jana Sena will get a chance as an alternative opposition. Even if the alliance does not get power in these elections, there are expectations that the janasena will get up to ten assembly seats.

Pawan kalyan is back in the crowd with ten existing MLAs. If he fights on public issues, he will win the trust of the people. By 2029, Jagan's ten-year rule will also be completed, so opposition to the government will increase. The tdp leaders who are troubled by the lack of leadership will then look towards the Jana Sena. Thus tdp will be completely weakened and Jana Sena will become a strong opposition. Analysts say that if janasena increases its strength by 2029, there is a possibility of getting power.

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