Ever since the notification of the andhra pradesh State assembly and parliament elections only one name has been ringing in ap and it is none other than andhra pradesh Chief Secretary KS jawahar Reddy. All the members of the telugu Desam alliance targeted jawahar reddy in the press meet. They targeted jawahar reddy more than ycp and caused a lot of trouble. jawahar reddy is a cover for ycp and so on. Even Telugudesam demanded his immediate transfer from the beginning.

The election commission which examined the history did not target him. Recognizing his commitment, honesty, and performance, the election commission of andhra pradesh continued him as CS till the completion of the ap assembly elections. jawahar reddy played his role very efficiently with the trust placed by the election Commission.

Jawahar reddy closely examined welfare schemes without any irregularities. He never acted in favor of any party. Will jagan Mohan reddy be in favor of Reddy? jawahar reddy acted in such a way that people were important to him. The members of the telugu Desam alliance have made many accusations against jawahar Reddy.

TDP made Sensational allegations against jawahar Reddy. The opposition has also alleged that GO 596 was brought for that purpose. jawahar reddy is also alleged to have transferred 800 acres in his son's name. No matter how many accusations were made against jawahar reddy, he did not go down. jawahar reddy brought beauty to his post by being neutral to ensure that the ap elections were conducted properly.

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