Telugu Desam party is one of the most popular political parties in the state of Andhra Pradesh. assembly and parliament elections were held in the year 2014 for the first time after the separation of the united state of Andhra Pradesh. In this telugu desam party secured enough assembly seats to form the government in andhra pradesh state and formed the government for the first time in Andhra state. Their administration continued smoothly for five years. Many thought that they will come to power in the 2019 elections.

If not because of the opposition to this government or because of the belief that jagan would govern better than this, the ycp won 151 assembly seats for the second time. andhra pradesh received success in the state. With that, the ycp party has lost its way in Andhra state. From 2019 to the previous elections, the ycp party has been very successful in introducing and implementing schemes that attract people. This time telugu desam party contested the contest along with janasena and BJP. And if we look at the current situation, it has become difficult to say which party is going to come to power in the state.

If the tdp does not come to power this term, many people are wondering what will happen to the key leaders of the telugu Desam Party. All of them are not only criticizing the ycp party with the intention that telugu Desam will come to power, but they have been loyal to the telugu Desam Party. Will Viru stay the same..? If this is the case, there is a question among the people whether their political future will move forward smoothly.

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