In the background of the assembly and parliament elections in andhra pradesh state,  all eyes are on the results of these. Leaders of ycp and telugu Desam Alliance say that we will win. Leaders are also betting. However, analysts say that if the telugu desam party does not win in the next assembly elections, there will be major changes in the party.

Telugudesam has already lost power for five years. No financial resources either. That is why the telugu desam party is in a position to win this election for sure. That is why Telugudesam has merged with the bjp and janasena party. Political analysts think that if they lose this election, there is no one to save the party.

 Because chandrababu naidu is beyond his age. He says that it will be difficult to run the party again. It is also said that it will be difficult if nara lokesh is given the responsibility. Because so far nara lokesh is in a position to win as an mla in Mangalagiri. Some people are saying that he does not even speak telugu properly and how will he run the party.

In such a background, if the telugu desam party loses, the only person who can save that party is junior NTR. junior ntr means people have a craze in Andhra Pradesh. It can be said that junior ntr had more craze than the senior ntr of that time. junior ntr also has a good following in YCP. If junior ntr takes charge of the telugu desam party, Key leaders can breathe. This also gives an extra cushion to win the 2029 elections.

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