Since the end of the voting process in Andhra Pradesh, both the ruling party and the opposition party have their expectations. So far, many types of surveys have come out. Now if we look at the latest Naganna survey, it is said that the ycp party will win 96 seats and there is a possibility of winning another 22 seats in a tight fit. It is expected to win a total of 118 seats. The alliance will win 46 seats. It is expected that 3 places will be won with a tight fight and a total of 49 seats will come.

Another 8 seats are very tightly contested. Overall, the ycp party has 22 tough fights, tdp BJP janasena has three, and it has been concluded that there are 8 heavy fights. Also, when it comes to parliament (MP), the coalition has 4 seats and ycp 17. When it comes to the percentage, the ycp party is 48-50%, the alliance says 45-47%, others say 3-4 percentage, Naganna Sarve said.

A tweet related to Naganna's survey is also becoming viral.. This election is very prestigious for all the parties. Especially for Pawan Kalyan, Chandrababu, Lokesh, Sharmila, balayya and Purandeshwari, there are reports that it is difficult to win this time. And to what extent, who will take over the power will be known on june 4th. Until now, many surveys have shown that the ycp party will come to power, but now the latest Naganna survey has revealed that the ycp party will come to power, and the leaders are full of happiness.

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