Congress strongly opposes narendra modi meditation at Kanyakumari Vivekananda Mandapam

While prime minister narendra modi is scheduled to meditate at the Vivekananda Mani Mandapam in Kanyakumari district, tamil Nadu congress Committee President Selvaperunthakai has strongly condemned it.

Congress opposes prime minister Narendra Modi's meditation at Vivekananda Mani Mandapam in Kanyakumari district

While the lok sabha elections are being held across the country in 7 phases, voting will be held on june 1, which is the 7th phase. prime minister narendra modi, who has been campaigning hard across the country since the day the election was announced, is going to sit and meditate on the Vivekananda rock near Thiruvalluvar statue in Kanyakumari district on the 30th, when he is wrapping up the election campaign for the last phase of polling. From 30th May to 1st june, he is going to meditate continuously for 3 days.

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In this case, the tamil Nadu congress Committee has objected to this and said that even though campaigning has stopped, the rules of conduct for elections are still in force. narendra modi plans to campaign through the media by participating in a meditation program ahead of the polls. It said that permission should not be given for this event.

In this regard, tamil Nadu congress Committee President Selva Perundagai posted on social media, "Information is coming out that Mr. narendra modi will meditate at Kanyakumari from May 30 to june 1.

The election commission should not give permission for such a program as the election Conduct Rules are in force as per the Representation of the people Act.

It is clear that Mr. Modi is trying to covertly campaign through the media with such a program during the 48-hour lull before the polls. A letter will be given to the election commission in this regard tomorrow. I would like to inform you that if necessary, we will approach the Hon'ble court as well,” he said.

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