Amit Shah: Planned and canceled trip.. amit shah is coming to tamil Nadu after Modi - where? When?

BJP leader amit Shah: Following prime minister Modi, there are reports that bjp leader amit shah will also come to tamil Nadu soon.

Union home minister and bjp leader amit shah visiting tamil Nadu on May 30 schedule released

Modi visits tamil Nadu

It is common knowledge that prime minister Modi undertakes a spiritual journey when the lok sabha elections reach their final stages. During the last election in 2019, he went to a cave in the himalayas and meditated. In this context, he is coming to tamil Nadu on May 30, when the lok sabha elections are about to end.

Prime minister Modi will come to Kanyakumari via thiruvananthapuram on May 30 and meditate at the Vivekananda Mandapam there. After that, after completing the meditation, he again left Kanyakumari on the 1st of june and went to thiruvananthapuram and from there he returned to delhi by plane.

Amit Shah visits tamil Nadu

Similarly, while the darshan of Swami during the lok sabha election campaign was interrupted due to rain, there are reports that Union home minister amit shah is coming to tamil Nadu on May 30, the day after tomorrow. According to reports, Amitshah Swamy is scheduled to have darshan at Thirumayam fort Bhairava temple near Pudukottai as planned earlier.

The lok sabha elections which started last april are being conducted in seven phases. While the six-phase elections have already concluded, voting for the seventh and final phase of the lok sabha elections is scheduled to take place on june 1. As a result, the leaders of the political parties are camping in the areas where the elections are to be held and are actively engaged in vote collection.

In this context, it has been announced that the Union home minister and bharatiya janata party leader will visit tamil Nadu on May 30. Earlier, on april 12, Union home minister amit shah came to tamil Nadu on a two-day visit, and preparations were made to hold a vehicle rally in support of sivaganga bjp candidate Devanathan at Thirumayat in Pudukottai district.

Similarly, it was announced that Sami will have darshan at fort Bhairava and Arulmiku Rajarajeshwari Udanura Sathyawageeswarar temple in Pudukottai Thirumayat, Amitsha. But the trip was canceled due to rain and he will come to Pudukottai to have darshan of Swami the day after tomorrow.

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