Ravneet Bittu made mistake during oath taking…

With the formation of the 18th lok sabha of the country, 71 ministers of his cabinet along with prime minister Narendra Modi took oath. This oath taking ceremony lasted for more than two hours. Meanwhile, Ravneet Singh Bittu made a mistake during the oath taking ceremony, which was corrected by President draupadi murmu herself. Actually, Ravneet Bittu spoke a wrong word while taking the oath.

Ravneet Singh Bittu, who lost the election from ludhiana on a bjp ticket, has got a place in the Modi cabinet. When he started taking the oath in English, he did not speak the word conscientiously (with a pure conscience). This is being considered a mistake, which was corrected by President draupadi murmu herself. The President himself pronounced the word and then Ravneet Singh Bittu repeated it. This entire incident has been recorded in the video.

Ravneet Bittu lost the lok sabha elections

There is also a discussion that Ravneet Bittu is a minister who lost the lok sabha elections. Actually, Ravneet Singh Bittu, who was an mp on a congress ticket for three times, joined the bjp before the lok sabha elections. After this, the bjp made him a candidate from Ludhiana. However, he lost the election on a bjp ticket. Ravneet Bittu was defeated by Congress's raja Vading by more than 20 thousand votes. bjp could not win any of the 10 seats in Punjab.

Know who is Ravneet Singh Bittu

For information, let us tell you that Ravneet Singh Bittu is the grandson of the late punjab CM Beant Singh. Ravneet Bittu has been very vocal against the farmers. Not only this, he also threatened the farmers of punjab during the elections.


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