Who will be the bjp President in Rajasthan? 

After the lok sabha elections in rajasthan, the discussion about the bjp state president has intensified. This time the party can bet on a caste of the original OBC. Since, there is no major election here for four years. But, before the assembly elections, bjp wants to provide a better environment here. The party is brainstorming on the names of those leaders who fit in the politics here or are able to give a strong message. bjp wants to promote the original OBC.

Since, there is a preparation to give preference to such castes which are neither ministers nor MPs and MLAs. There is discussion on a woman leader. In such a situation, sources say that the names of rajya sabha MP madan Rathore, former mla Alka gurjar, rajasthan government minister avinash Gehlot and state minister Ajit Mandan are at the top of the list. These are the faces who have been active in the politics and organization here for years.

Why madan Rathore and avinash Gehlot?

Madan Rathore is currently a rajya sabha member in Rajasthan. He has also been an mla earlier. His name is being discussed for the post of bjp President in Rajasthan. Because, he comes from the Teli-Ganchi caste. bjp is in a very strong position in Pali district. But madan Rathore has been made a rajya sabha member just a few days ago. Therefore, now there is no discussion on his name and no consensus can be formed. No leader of this caste from rajasthan has been made a minister nor is in the center. At the same time, avinash Gehlot also comes from mali community from Pali. However, bjp has given place to mali community on many posts.

Brainstorming on Alka gurjar and Ajit Mandan?

Alka gurjar has also been a former mla and national secretary and state vice-president of BJP. She is also the co-incharge of Delhi. This time Gurjars left bjp in eastern rajasthan because Gurjars did not get any big responsibility. They were not given any post. Therefore, along with women, bjp is trying to play its bet on Gurjars through Alka Gurjar.

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