Party's first reaction on ajit pawar not getting a place...

The first statement from ncp has come on ajit pawar faction not getting a place in Modi cabinet (Modi cabinet 3.0). After ncp got one seat in lok sabha elections, opponents are constantly targeting ajit pawar faction. Today on ncp Foundation Day, sunil Tatkare has openly responded to all these allegations.

Sunil Tatkare said, "Ajit Dada was sitting in the front row in yesterday's program. But some people did not like it. They are saying that bjp does not value us. Yesterday everyone saw what is the importance of our party. Attempts are being made to defame Ajit Pawar. We have got good success in Arunachal Pradesh. We want to get back our lost national status, we have to work for that." Tatkare further said, "We have been witnessing the struggle for 25 years. Fought on the issue of self-respect. congress has done more criticism than shiv sena and BJP. Now the children's group is trying to criticize the current elections. Bhujbal was told that if they made him the chief minister, the party would break. The leadership played this role. At that time Bhujbal had got the maximum votes. We did not want to take the post of chief minister at that time, but Praful Bhai understood that you did not want to take it."

Sunil Tatkare said about ajit pawar, "Dada, you met me when you were a minister of State. At that time I realized that there is a different chemistry. Pawar sahab became a minister of State at the Center at the age of 72. If ncp had capitalized on the opportunity of the Chief Minister's post at that time, the party would not have felt the need to look back. In 2014, support was given from outside. In the year 2009, it was decided to go with bjp on 16-16 seats."

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