To whom did RSS chief Mohan send a message? 

After the lok sabha election results, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has made a big statement. He said that instead of opposition, we should say opposition. elections are a process of building consensus. We have to think about the problems facing the country by getting free from the election's passion. He has given advice without naming any party. He said this while addressing the 'Karyakarta Vikas Varg' in Nagpur.

The RSS chief said, "The environment outside is different. elections were completed, its results also came. Yesterday the government was also formed. All this has happened but its discussion is still going on. Why did what happened, how did it happen, what happened, this is an event that happens every five years in the democratic system of our country, it happens. It has its own rules. It happens according to the dynamics." Along with this, he said, "This is an important event to decide something for the governance of our country...the society has given its opinion, everything will happen according to that. Why, how, we people of the Sangh do not get involved in this. We should keep doing our duty...'

While addressing the program, he also said, "Be modest along with power. Modesty comes from our religion and culture. This says non-violence after truth. It says goodwill towards all. With goodwill towards all, forgetting the old things and accepting everyone and so that we can accept each other, we have to change ourselves. We have to start it from our home."

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