PM Modi brightened the fortunes of this flop actor!!!

Chirag Paswan, who made his debut in the bollywood film 'Mile Na Mile Hum' in 2011, said goodbye to bollywood after doing only this film. He has now received a special gift from the Modi government. In fact, he has been made the Food Processing minister in the bjp government. chirag paswan is now completely following in the footsteps of his late father. After his father's death, Chirag took over the command of his father's Lok Janshakti party (Ram Vilas) as the national president.

Chirag wrote a post for PM Modi

Let us tell you that after becoming the Food Processing minister, chirag paswan has also posted a post for PM Modi in which he has praised him for the PM Awas Yojana. He wrote- Another historic step in the creation of developed India.. The nda government led by prime minister Honorable Shri narendra modi ji, in the first cabinet, took an important decision to make the life of every indian easier and approved additional 3 crore houses under 'PM Awas Yojana'. I heartily congratulate the prime minister for this historic decision.

Chirag's party won 5 seats

Now Chirag has given an amazing performance in this lok sabha elections. His party contested 5 seats in bihar along with bjp and won all five seats. This is also the reason that now Chirag, mp from bihar, has been given a big responsibility in the Modi government. He has been made the minister of Food Processing.

Chirag had described himself as PM Modi's 'Hanuman'

Chirag Paswan had described himself as PM Modi's 'Hanuman' in a conversation with news agency ANI in the year 2020. He had said- 'I do not need to use the picture of the Prime Minister. I am his Hanuman. His picture resides in my heart, if it happens someday then I will even tear my chest apart to show that the prime minister resides in my heart.

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