Manipur Violence: Terror attack on advance security team in Manipur, CM's convoy was the target

Manipur Violence: chief minister N. Biren Singh, who came to delhi for the swearing-in ceremony of PM narendra Modi, was leaving for Jiribam as soon as he returned from delhi, where there has been tremendous violence in the last three days. That is why the security squad was sent.

Manipur Violence: There has been a terrorist attack on the Chief Minister's advance security squad in Manipur on Monday. It is believed that the target of the terrorists was the convoy of chief minister N. Biren Singh, who was going to leave after returning from delhi to take stock of the situation in the violence-hit Jiribam district. An advance security squad was sent before his convoy, which was attacked. A security jawan was injured in the attack. The militants fled from there after the security squad retaliated. Kuki militants are believed to be behind the attack. After this attack, security has been increased in the area and search for the militants has been started. After this attack, chief minister Singh has decided to reach Jiribam by helicopter instead of road, where two days ago the militants had set fire to two police posts, a forest beat office and at least 70 houses. After this incident, the Superintendent of police of the district was transferred.

The attack took place in Kangpokpi district

Before chief minister N. Biren Singh's convoy left for Jiribam, an advance security squad was sent for security check of NH-53, on which militants opened fire in Kangpokpi district. The militants ambushed the security vehicle near Kotlen village in Kangpokpi district. In the attack, indiscriminate firing was done on the security vehicle, in which a jawan was shot. The security squad started firing in retaliation and somehow took out their injured colleague from there and took him to the hospital.

According to the Manipur administration, chief minister N. Biren Singh will reach Imphal from delhi in the afternoon. From there he will go to visit the violence-affected area in Jiribam today itself. Due to security reasons, now the chief minister will not leave by road but will reach Jiribam by helicopter. Combing has been started in search of militants between Imphal and Jiribam.

Situation brought under control after violence in Jiribam

The situation has been brought under control after the massive violence in Jiribam district of Manipur on Saturday. In the latest round of violence, the militants set fire to two police posts, a forest beat post and at least 70 houses. After this, additional security forces were sent to the violence-affected areas, after which the situation has improved. According to the Manipur police, the houses burnt in Lamtai Khunou, Dibang Khunou, Nunkal and Begra villages include houses of both Meitei and Kuki communities. The police is also constantly monitoring social media posts so that rumors do not spread.

The situation flared up after the murder of an elderly man on thursday evening

The violence started after the mutilated body of 59-year-old Soibam Saratkumar Singh, who was missing, was found in Jiribam on thursday evening. Saratkumar went missing on june 6. His body had wounds of cutting with sharp weapons. After this, on Saturday, the mob stopped a truck and set it on fire. This led to increasing violence.

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