Eye on OBC-SC votes and assembly elections…

The third term of the government has begun. After the swearing-in on sunday evening, work has now started. Bihar's place in the cabinet and MPs remain a topic of discussion. bihar has given a good number of seats to NDA, while bjp did not get seats as per its wish in UP. Due to good seats in bihar, 8 MPs from bihar were given place in the cabinet. This time in the government, trust was expressed on new faces, while old faces were given rest. Youths like chirag paswan have been given a chance, while people like ravi shankar Prasad, radha mohan singh and rajiv pratap rudy have been kept away from the council of ministers. After this, speculations have started.

Cabinet, caste equations, local politics

However, cabinet formation is the prerogative of the Prime Minister. Under this, caste equations and local politics are also taken into account. raj Bhushan Chaudhary of bihar has been made a minister who is young and somewhere these people are also the future of the party. The number of alliance partners in bihar was high, keeping this in mind, ministers were made.

BJP has kept many important departments in its camp, the remaining departments have been given to alliance partners. Lallan Singh has been given panchayati raj and Fisheries minister, chirag paswan has been given the Food and Processing Ministry which bihar needs.

Chirag had also mentioned this in his vision document. If seen, Bihar's future is very good in terms of ministers, but it remains to be seen how much bihar is able to use it. As far as bjp is concerned, it has also given ministries after careful consideration. Its benefit will be seen only in the bihar assembly elections to be held next year. raj Bhushan Chaudhary himself is a popular leader, who is being seen as a counter to mukesh Sahni in North Bihar.

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