Tourists can now see the beauty of Udaipur!!!

Udaipur city is famous for its lakes, palaces and its beauty. Lakhs of tourists come here every year. The number of tourists is also increasing every year. In such a situation, the tourism department, forest department and administration are also bringing new activities. But one activity which people want to do but is not being promoted on a large scale. That is trekking..

Udaipur is surrounded by Aravalli hills from all sides. Actually, trekking can be done on every mountain due to the movement of villagers. But private trekking companies have found tracking spots. On the other hand, if we talk about the forest department, there are only 1 or 2 government tracking. Due to its not being promoted on a large scale, tourists are not able to get information.

'Government departments need to pay attention'

Private tracking expert bhanu Pratap said that there are tracking spots everywhere in Udaipur, yet places have been fixed for special tracking. If anyone contacts us, we take them on different trekking eco trails. There is a lot of potential for trekking in Udaipur. Every year thousands of foreign tourists come here. Those who like trekking do not get information. If the government departments pay attention to trekking, it will be beneficial. However, the forest department is working in this direction. One trekking spot has been developed and another is being developed.

'Winter time is best for trekking'

Bhanupratap told that the best time for trekking starts from October. For which we have already started preparations. Trekking is better from october to March. Here, if we talk about government trekking, there is an area of 6 kilometers near Sajjangarh Sanctuary, trekking is done there for Rs 300. people also reach here.

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