Modi: ayodhya ram mandir Roof Leakage..Water Into Sanctum?

Prime minister Narendra Modi's government has received another unexpected shock. Rainwater is coming into ayodhya ram mandir which was built recently during the Modi regime. At the same time, water is coming into the sanctum sanctorum of ayodhya ram Mandir... Now it is a topic of discussion across the country. In ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh... less than six months ago... prime minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the ram Mandir. Thousands of celebrities came for this event.

But even before the opening of this ram mandir, even half a year ago, there were reports of water leakage in the main sanctum sanctorum. It has been raining heavily in the state of Uttar Pradesh for the last two days. It rained in ayodhya too. At this very moment, the priests of ayodhya say that water will leak into the ram Mandir.

On the same topic, the chief priest of the ayodhya ram mandir temple... Satyendra Das said... He revealed that water is coming from the roof of the temple during a small rain. Satyendra Das clarified that water is leaking where the idol of bala Rama is installed. He demanded that this water leakage is a serious problem... and take action against the builders of ayodhya ram Mandir.

Otherwise, he was worried that the ram mandir temple would be disturbed. The temple priests said that action should be taken and resolved within two days. But is this leakage rainwater? He also demanded that an inquiry be made on the water coming from the drainage route. It is known that the ram temple was built with 1800 crores. prime minister Narendra Modi inaugurated this temple on january 22 with great fanfare. They wanted to make a clean sweep in Uttar Pradesh with the ram Mandir. But bjp did not even win the lok sabha seat where ayodhya is located.

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