Chandra Babu: Shocked by the delhi High Court. Jagan's relief.

After the tdp party came to power in andhra pradesh, various orders were issued to stop broadcasting news channels. But at this time the news channels approached the delhi high court and issued a crucial order. The National Broadcasters are praising the judgment of the High Court. The delhi high court has also issued an order to restore news channel broadcasts in Andhra. The delhi high court has issued an order to the ap government to restore TV9, Sakshi, 10 tv and NTV channels.

Around 15 multi-system operators have also approached the delhi High Court. The delhi high court also erred in blocking a news channel unilaterally against the law in Andhra. NBF informed that the delhi High Court has also declared such right to freedom as the cornerstone of democracy. She alleged that after the change of political leadership in Andhra, they are doing similar things by putting a lot of pressure on the cable operators. The high court also said that transparent media is also necessary to protect democracy.

Especially the people of andhra pradesh are mostly using this news channel to know their opinions and that is why the court has also issued an order to restore it. The NBF reminded that it is illegal to not stop even when required by the tram rules and it is also a violation of the agreement made with the distribution companies. The NBF has also informed the concerned authorities that everyone should strictly follow the court orders. But it can be said that this is a bit of a blow to tdp leader Chandrababu Naidu. Chandrababu who banned all these channels saying they are YCP, now the delhi high court has said that all these channels should be restored.

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