Aksha Pardasany, known for her roles in films like "Ram Sarasana Kandiriga," "Raid," "Bengal Tiger," and "Dictator," has recently garnered attention for her cute looks and impressive performances. The Mumbai-based actress made her tollywood debut in 2008 with the movie "Yuvatha" and later ventured into web series as opportunities in mainstream movies reduced.

She gained popularity for her role in the web series "Kathmandu Connection" and went on to act in several serials, including "Jamtara" and "Rafuchakkar." In a delightful turn of events, fans have received the good news of Aksha Pardasany's marriage to renowned cinematographer Kaushal Shah. The couple's engagement photos have surfaced on the internet, and although the news has not gone viral, fans are excited about the actress's new chapter in life. 

Aksha and Kaushal's recent photos are circulating on the internet, showcasing the joyous moments of their engagement. Following her marriage, aksha is reportedly planning to continue her acting career in web series and movies. Kaushal Shah has worked as a cinematographer on various films, including "Gehrayan," "Mumbai Diaries," "Bodies of Desire," and "Butterflies." His work in the industry has earned him recognition, and now, his marriage to the talented actress aksha Parthasani has become a topic of discussion among fans and the film fraternity alike.

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