Jamnagar is abuzz with anticipation as the pre-wedding celebrations of Apara Kuberu, mukesh Ambani, chinna Kumar, Anant Ambani, and radhika Merchant are set to commence. The extravagant event, scheduled from march 1 to march 3, is garnering attention for its opulent preparations, including a beautifully adorned stage. The rich Ambani family is sparing no expense, with millions being spent on the decorations, including special flowers sourced from various countries. 

The city of Jamnagar is at the centre of this buzz, and the ceremony is expected to witness the participation of 1000 celebrities. The culinary aspect of the celebration is equally grand, big, featuring a menu with around 2500 dishes. The choice of Jamnagar for this elaborate event is attributed to Anant Ambani's grandmother, who played a significant role in making the city beautiful. Anant Ambani fondly recalls spending his childhood in Jamnagar, creating cherished memories and friendships. 

Despite residing in Mumbai, his heart remains connected to Jamnagar's nostalgia. The decision to hold the pre-wedding ceremony in Jamnagar reflects the family's desire to celebrate amidst the city's significant and sentimental backdrop, creating an atmosphere of joy shared with childhood friends and relatives.

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