In response to the rising prevalence of stress, depression, and mental health concerns in society, a new app named "Mood Capture" is being introduced to assist individuals in identifying and addressing their emotional well-being. This app utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) through the phone's front camera to analyse the user's facial expressions and surroundings, providing a potential early detection of depression symptoms.

Upon unlocking the phone, "Mood Capture" actively scans the user's face, assessing various facial expressions and environmental cues associated with depression. If depressive symptoms are detected, the app promptly alerts the user, encouraging them to seek professional help and consultation. The app's facial recognition software is designed to identify up to 75% of depression symptoms efficiently.

Unlike traditional diagnostic approaches, "Mood Capture" adopts a user-friendly approach. Rather than directly informing the user of potential depression, the app provides gentle recommendations, such as going outside for a while or engaging in conversations with friends based on the severity of the situation. The proactive nature of the app, using advanced AI technology, aims to detect and alert users about potential depressive tendencies before they escalate, offering a valuable tool for those seeking to manage mental health concerns with the assistance of AI.

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