Rashmika Mandanna, the emerging Pan india star, gained prominence with her roles in films like "Pushpa" and "Animal." Recently, she attended the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2024 in Japan. During a recent interview, rashmika discussed her future plans and shared insights into her current films.

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of the film industry, rashmika mandanna expressed that it's not always possible to secure lead roles or work on impactful films. She emphasized her openness to taking on commercial roles and highlighted the importance of making movies that convey a social message.

Despite her recent involvement in action dramas, rashmika expressed her desire to act in romantic love story movies. She observed a scarcity of romantic love stories in recent times, with many filmmakers leaning towards action entertainments to target the Pan india audience. rashmika hopes to see more romantic love stories being made, presenting compelling narratives with engaging storytelling.

Fans of rashmika mandanna are eager to witness her in romantic roles, and they believe that a well-crafted romantic love story could achieve significant success. While rashmika is currently engaged in projects like "Pushpa 2" and other films, her fans are hopeful that filmmakers will explore the romantic genre for her in the future.

Apart from her South indian projects, rashmika mandanna is also venturing into the tamil and hindi film industries, with upcoming releases alongside dhanush and plans for a series of hindi films in the pipeline.

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